What's Happening @ Bloody Hand Studios


Bloody Hand Studios took a much longer than

expected hiatus.

Like, really, really long...


I promise, we are still here!!


The official trailer for World of Death just came out and guess who's short film made it into the trailer? And, it's our featured short this month! So cool that Bloody Disgusting has jumped in the World of Death! We couldn't be more proud to have not one but 2 short films in World of Death.

Below is the Bloody Disgusting link talking about World of Death and the official trailer:

Bloody Disgusting's World of Death





On the current agenda:

We've finally bought a place! It happens to be the house we wanted

to originally film the as yet untitled 'Darius' film, our first feature, so

this fall, we should be able to go into production.

BHS has a ton of projects in various stages.


First, we don't just do film. We started as photographers which, in a bizarre turn of events, got us ito special fx makeup, which accidentally got us into filmmaking... 


We are going to be 

getting back to our photography roots in the near future and it will be a gloriously gory, bloody good time.

I am also stepping back into my 'author' shoes for a fantastic project with my Denver:Undead co-hort in crime, the always twisted and amazing Jean Nichols.

Dolly & Alice are going on an epic adventure...

We have a ton of things happening all the time here at Bloody Hand Studios. Now that we've found a permanent place to do what we do, ladies & gents... 

It's on...


Until next time, keep it real...

real bloody!


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